jamie gardner. jazz percussionist. university of miami graduate.

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27 th
of Apr 2013



Artist: Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
Track: April In Paris
Album: Ella & Louis


april in paris

performed by ella fitzgerald & louis armstrong

26 th
of Apr 2013

sighttouched is just another member of the audience.

[Another day, another few hours of playing tips before carefully dividing up her money. She’s got everything set up, and figured that today wasn’t a day to bother with things like a set repertoire. Thus, improv.

There’s also a very tall, very blonde figure standing in front of her that Jamie isn’t entirely focusing on, because she’s too busy with keeping time using the bass drum and tapping away at the snare with an immense amount of concentration.]


[And a small smile as she switches keys, the few notes that she can play with her drum set turning more melancholy.]

 − sighttouched


Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Emnete (live)

The Orchestra’s repertoire consists of revamped remakes of songs from the golden age of Ethiopian music: a powerful horn section, deadly percussions and relentless keyboards provide a merciless and efficient instrumental reinterpretation and improvisation based on original vocal songs.

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